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About this website - Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital



Thank you for visiting Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

The purpose of this website is to collect as much of the information as can be achieved that is in the public domain about falls - and, specifically, falls after failures of falls prevention care, at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Reports by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman reveal that the Ombudsman has upheld complaints and made recommendations for improvement - after recorded failures of falls prevention care and post falls care - in far more cases by population for NHS Forth Valley than in most other Scottish health boards.

  • Why does this keep happening?
  • Why does the Ombudsman keep making recommendations that are followed by further falls, injuries and sometimes deaths?

This website is not a campaign. But it is being posted in the hope that the information collected can be of value to elected MPs, MSPs, health officials, industry regulators and, perhaps, the hospital itself.

These people and organisations all need to establish why Forth Valley Royal Hospital has such a record of injury and fatalities after falls that follow documented failures of falls prevention care and post falls care.

If you would like to get in touch with this website please go to the contact page.


My father died of brain injuries after a fall at Forth Valley Royal Hospital that followed a host of nursing failures.

  • That was ten years ago, in 2012.
  • We were told nurses were fully trained.
  • We were told failings in care were individual mistakes - that they weren't systemic.
  • We were told improvements had been made.

So why have so many other patients fallen, been injured and in some cases gone on to die after repeated failures of falls care in NHS Forth Valley?

How does that happen?


If you are a relative of someone who has suffered after failures of falls prevention care at Forth Valley Royal Hospital you are not alone. You are far from alone.

Across Forth Valley too many families have suffered from the same deficiencies.

Failures have kept on happening.

Most other health boards in Scotland do not have such a record of failure.

Whatever "training" NHS Forth Valley says it gives nurses has not helped quell an appalling record of documented falls followed by injuries and deaths after failures of falls prevention nursing care.

To read of other victims and families suffering the same shocking level of repeated failures is abhorrent.

This website is an attempt to put enough information together so that people in appropriate positions can rectify this situation.



This website is not an attack on NHS Forth Valley, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, nurses or anyone else associated with the hospital.

The hospital is a public resource that is there to carry out good work for individuals and the community and there are many honourable and professional people who work there every day.

But when failures that put patients at risk of harm occur - time and time again - they should be recorded, investigated and remedied.



This is an independent website which aims to collect and publish links to information in the public domain relating to falls that have followed failures of nursing care at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and within NHS Forth Valley.

This website is not connected with NHS Forth Valley or Forth Valley Royal Hospital - but it would like to know why patients keep falling, are injured - and sometimes go on to die - after falls on wards where nursing protocols have not been observed properly.