Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

This website is dedicated to patients who have suffered injuries - and to those who have died - after falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital that followed failures of nursing care



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Ombudsman Findings

Case after case where failings in nursing were revealed after serious injuries and deaths


Care Opinion Reports

Accounts from families about how they feel they were let down


Press Reports

Stories of failures in falls prevention care and post falls care. Stories of concerns for the safety of patients

Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital - a record of repeated failures of care


June 25, 2022


Welcome to Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

This is an independent website - not connected in any way to NHS Forth Valley.

The purpose of the website is to collate and publish links to public domain reports of failures of falls related care at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Why? Because since it was officially opened in 2011 the hospital has seen numerous patients fall after failures of falls prevention care.

Some patients have gone on to sustain serious injuries.

Some have died.

If you read further, you will find details of:

  • Repeated failures of nursing care
  • Injuries after protocols breached
  • Deaths following falls prevention shortcomings
  • Numerous reports by public bodies that expose failures

These failures have been recurring. That's despite report after report by expert nurses, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and in the press that have clearly identified concerns and areas the hospital needs to improve.

Family after family has been told by NHS Forth Valley that it has adequate training and support for nurses. Yet serious breaches of care have kept on happening, year after year.

Many of these breaches have been documented - notably by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.

The hospital has been told by the Ombudsman to make improvements and supply proof that it has made those improvements: on several occasions.

Despite all that, the level of failures of falls prevention care has continued to see critical reports written by the Ombudsman after complaints from families of those who were injured or who died after falls.

NHS Forth Valley has one of the highest levels of failures of falls prevention care of any health board in the whole of Scotland, when measured by the number of complaints upheld and recommendations for improvements made by the Ombudsman.

Read details of Ombudsman reports here


Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.


Families tell of their loved ones' suffering


June 25, 2022


A number of vulnerable elderly patients have suffered injuries, and in some cases died, following falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital after failures of falls prevention care and violations of protocols.

Some of the children of those patients have told their stories to the press.

Others have written reports online at the Care Opinion website.

They have described:

  • Failures to assess patients properly
  • Failures to observe patients properly
  • Inappropriate falls prevention care for vulnerable patients who suffer from frailty, confusion and dementia

Read details of Care Opinion reports here

Read details of press reports here

 Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.



What is the true picture?


June 25, 2022


This website has been launched with the intention of collecting in one place all of the public domain material relating to failures of falls prevention care at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

But what is the true picture?

What other information is there?

If you know of other documents posted online or that have appeared in newspapers or in other public domain settings please get in touch with details.

Details of any new publications and reports will be added to those featured here already.

If you want to contact this website for any other reason please feel free to do so.

Contact this website.

 Falls at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

This is an independent website which aims to collect and publish links to information in the public domain relating to falls that have followed failures of nursing care at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and within NHS Forth Valley.

This website is not connected with NHS Forth Valley or Forth Valley Royal Hospital - but it would like to know why patients keep falling, are injured - and sometimes go on to die - after falls on wards where nursing protocols have not been observed properly.